Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ashton's New House In Liberty

The Ashton's new abode! Not much to look at on the outside, but they are just so happy to be up there I don't think they care at all!:)
Nikki in the kitchen. So the kitchen and eating area have the strangest floor, it is like rock pebbles that are sealed over. It is weird and it hurts your feet if you don't have socks on, but oh well.
This is the eating area. They actually have to pay less rent if they use the furniture that was there. That is why you see some crazy stuff in there.
The kids playing on the piano. Nikki doesn't go anywhere with out that. That piano has traveled a lot of miles and it is still doing great.
I think that the best thing about the house is the massive back yard. Lizzy LOVES it and you can see why. I told Nikki I for-see some camping trips to the Ashton's back yard!:)
Ellie started school yesterday and was so excited to be the "new kid". From everything Nikki and Matt told me they seem to be very happy with the new friends Ellie is making.

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